Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spaces Exhibition

Hey everyone! 

Just thought i would post up a couple of photos of my recent work. Using collage, water colour and a black biro I created three fairytale-esque scenes that pop up from a plain box. The project was a reaction to the gallery space where I would be exhibiting.

When experiencing the space 'The Pipe' gallery for the first time I was reminded instantly of World War air raid shelters. I instantly imagined the tunnel crowded full of scared families hugging their gas mask boxes and desperately waiting for the 'all clear' whilst not wanting to face the devastation that might lay outside.
I was led to the idea of 'escape' in two ways. One in the sense of the evacuee children escaping from the more prominent danger of the targeted cities, and two in the idea of 'escapism' - and in the mental distraction of the unnerving dangers of living in a country at war through fun and entertainment.
My artwork contrasts the well known evacuee symbol of the gas mask and what it represents- with the escapism that a child might indulge in- fairytale pop up books.


I will be continuing my pop-up artwork in the next 'U:1 Artist Collective' Project which is called 'Nomadic Traces' where the collective will be travelling around certain locations in Plymouth on every Saturday in October. Each artist will have a portable art piece of travelling contraption and we shall be hosting workshops/activities in each location. Lookout for the flyer coming soon for more info. 

Thanks for reading! :)