Monday, 31 January 2011

Whimsy folk to the rescue!

If you've got the January blues, you should go and see a whimsical folk band.
I went to see Pentorr Duo (soon to be renamed) at Barley Folk, (Barley Sheaf) Liskeard and their folky tunes (one about automatic mice) cheered me up. I even did some semi-blind contour drawings of them. :)

Some good news for me, I sold four paintings at my last exhibition which was at the Bbar in Plymouth - three out four of those sold are pictured (not very well) here -

Below is a painting that I created as a present for my mum- the original image was of her and her sister when they were about my age.

Also, U:1 Artist collective are currently working towards another exhibition- the theme is 'feeling insignificant in a vast space'. We're working on a better title. So look out for that in March.

Another U:1 related thing - I will be starting a U:1 blog soon, so keep a lookout for that.

Well, i think that's everything. I hope all your lives are happy!

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